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If my grand father left me his ring can I wear it I aswell become a eastern star what should I do

MasonSmart.com - 18.06.2019
Can I wear my grandfather ring can I become a eastern star hat should do

Freemason record

MasonSmart.com - 14.06.2019
Can I find any info on my father being a Freemason?

What is the goat?

MasonSmart.com - 11.06.2019
What is this mysterious goat that masons aren't allowed to talk about to nonmembers?

Is there still a Shriner's Children Hospital on Oahu HI?

MasonSmart.com - 09.06.2019
My Father Bud had me taken to Shriner's Children Hospital in HI when I got hit by a car in 1976. Is it still there? He was one of the first Mason's that

The President Honors A Fallen Brother

Freemason Information - 30.05.2019
On May 22, 2019 President Trump presented Police Officer, and brother, Brent Alan Thompson the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor posthumously, the highest national award for valor by a public safety officer. “An attack on our police is an attack upon our entire nation,” Trump said. Brother Thompson was a Dallas Area Rapid Transit […]

Girlfriend of a potential freemasons

MasonSmart.com - 10.05.2019
Hi all, My boyfriend has been talking about joing the freemasons. He asked my opinion on it amd asked if I would be okeh with it. I at first didnt know

after joining Freemason does one become rich and get more wealth

MasonSmart.com - 26.04.2019
after joining Freemason does one get rich and obtain more wealth

Charity in Freemasonry

Freemason Information - 20.04.2019
In this final installment of the Faith Hope and Charity series, we consider the symbolism of charity, or perhaps better called love. It is this attribute that allows the fraternity to “find in every clime a brother, and in every land a home,” the subtext of which Mackey defines in his text from his Encyclopedia […]

Patriots Day

Freemason Information - 19.04.2019
Happy Patriots Day

How do I properly honor my Grandfather

MasonSmart.com - 15.04.2019
My Grandfather passed in 2010, I knew he was a Mason and made sure he had the Masonic rites and some of his Brothers from the local lodge at his funeral.

Hope in Freemasonry

Freemason Information - 13.04.2019
In this installment of the Symbols and Symbolism of Freemasonry, we examine the text of Albert Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry on the symbolism of Hope.

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